How to Start a Metal Detecting Club


Can't find a local club to join in our directory? Maybe you would like to know how to start a metal detecting club? First of all, you need to find out if there is interest in your area, and you need an outgoing personality. The next time you are out detecting and see someone else detecting, go over and be friendly, ask them if they are interested in joining a club.

Once you have interest, then make plans to get together and hunt. You need to determine what type of club you will have, whether your club will meet somewhere and detect, or meet somewhere for a meeting, like at a library or park.

After deciding what type of club you will have, you will need voluteers to do things, like take care of member fees, take notes at the meetings, and do research of places to detect. Your group may even get large enough to have a club hunt.

Greet people you see detectingSo these are the main things, determining what type of club you will have, and how to advertise that you have a club.

Some Benefits of a Detecting Club

Help in research - You get together to throw ideas around, research old maps together, and go to the library.

Information - Find out the latest laws for you community.

Sense of Belonging - You feel better knowing you're not alone. Group hunts are alot of fun.

A Newsletter - Create a newsletter for your club, include hints and tips for detecting, and what members are finding.

Inside secrets - The best information comes from local senior citizens, and living and exploring your own area.

Member only Forum - Maybe you can create a club website with member only forum, where you can share and post pictures.

Special HOT deals - Did you find a special deal on batteries, scoops, or pinpointers?

Inside scoop on scoops - Compare different scoops and other tools and equipment for the hobby.